In the market for a laptop sleeve? You’re in luck, because now you can keep clothing waste out of the landfill AND help empower victims of sex trafficking — all by buying a unique laptop sleeve customized to your taste!

How? Pick out an old T-shirt — whether from your closet, yard sale, or Goodwill — that you’d like transformed into a laptop sleeve. Send the dud in to Hello Rewind, and your T-shirt will be padded and velcro’d and upcycled into a new-to-you laptop sleeve. The whole deal costs $49 including shipping, and is available for 9.7-inch Netbooks and iPads or 13, 15, and 17-inch MacBooks.

If you’re like me, you’re likely wondering, “What if I own a Dell laptop?” Well, your laptop may still fit into one of the sleeves — so check out the specific dimensions on Hello Rewind’s website before making your purchase.

How does Hello Rewind help sex trafficking survivors? The enterprise partners with Restore NYC, which provides long-term aftercare services to international sex trafficking survivors in New York City — including educational and employment opportunities. Here’s how Hello Rewind describes the opportunities it provides:

We’re working with the women to train them in the skills that will help right now — English, sewing, and basic business skills. The training programs are free in conjunction with the services Restore NYC already provides them. We do training in the same location we sew the sleeves on the same machines we bought. We tell them about Hello Rewind. We tell them again about Hello Rewind. We show them the sleeves and tell them how much they can make for each sleeve. It’s not as much as they can make working at the brothel, but it’s still more than what minimum wage or welfare could ever hope to provide them, and more than they could earn elsewhere. They make more than I’d ever make with Hello Rewind. Each of them decides for themselves whether they want to get involved with the program — and for many, it’s an economic incentive.
The cuteness of your Hello Rewind laptop sleeve will obviously depend on the cuteness of the T-shirt you send in. If the only unwanted T-shirts you’ve got are ugly ones from business conferences and family reunions, you may want to opt for the limited-edition artist-designed sleeves Hello Rewind offers. Don’t worry — those laptop sleeves are made of recycled materials, too.
Hello Rewind: Green do-gooder laptop sleeves
For $49, you can turn an old T-shirt into a new laptop sleeve for your MacBook -- while giving former sex workers better employment opportunities.