Evites or simple recycled paper cards printed with veggie-based inks will do for most environmentalists, but if you’re looking for uber-green, uber-personal cards, browse the gorgeous cards and stationery at Copper Willow Paper Studio, an eco-luxe letterpress company in Culver City, Calif.

We’re talking personally designed cards printed on tree-free paper made from recycled cotton clothing without chlorine — printed with soy ink by a local green company that uses old letterpress machines greased up with earth-friendly solvents. Copper Willow’s pushing the envelope when it comes to eco-friendly stationery — and the recycled cotton paper’s the company’s latest addition to its green product line, which also offers cards made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper or cotton-linen paper.

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“Cotton paper is always made out of the refuse from the clothing industry,” says Leora West Mauck, Copper Willow’s business director, “so we’re keeping that cotton out of the landfill. And because [cotton paper] becomes paper-like — it goes from fiber to actual paper pulp — it can then be recycled. So you’re taking refuse from the clothing industry, using it once, then when you recycle it, it goes back into recycled paper.”

The cotton paper cards have a soft but durable texture — and look gorgeous printed with designs by Jill Ondercin Velez, Copper Willow’s creative director. For added flourish, cards can be decorated or tied with hand-dyed recycled silks, colorful hemp twines, or recycled paper ribbons. Plus Copper Willow also offers liners, trim, crystals, and even calligraphy.  And of course the envelopes are eco-friendly too, whether they’re made from recycled paper bags or 30–100 percent post-consumer recycled paper.

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As you may have expected, extremely green, highly-crafted, individualized cards don’t exactly come cheap, since the amount of creativity and labor that goes into each card’s not inconsiderable. Custom orders start at $376 for 100 cards. Can’t afford that price? Copper Willow also offers still-gorgeous but more affordable, pre-boxed cards that you can buy online and in stores across the U.S. — or at Livingreen during the holiday season — for $16 per box of 8.

Copper Willow Paper Studio. 4236 Overland Ave., Culver City. 310.237.5809. info@copperwillow.com. By appointment Tues – Sat.

Holiday cards from recycled cotton clothing
At Copper Willow Paper Studio, you can get personalized letterpress holiday cards made from recycled cotton clothes!