Today is World Oceans Day, established by the U.N. as the world's biggest celebration of our oceans. If you can't get to the shore today or this weekend as I intend to (I live along the Long Island Sound shoreline, so I think a picnic on the beach is in order!), you can still think mermaid by choosing gorgeous gifts for yourself or others that take inspiration from — and give back to — our oceans. 

Susan Rockefeller recently debuted a documentary film, "Mission of Mermaids" (trailer below), and today debuted her shop of sea-inspired jewelry; portions of the proceeds from the sale benefit Oceana. Handmade in New York City, the collection features whimsical mermaid hoops (above), fish bracelets, anchor pendants, sea star earrings, whale cufflinks and more. 

Sea Bags makes gorgeously graphic tote bags from sailboat sails that have been retired. For World Oceans Day, they are debuting a special bag: "Sea Bags and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute combine a shared passion for the ocean and a deep respect for maritime traditions to create a limited-edition tote bag and bucket bag. Fifty percent of every bag purchased will benefit GMRI’s scientific research around the sustainability of our natural resources and working waterfronts."

Mermaids love coral, so it only makes sense to include Chantecaille's Coral Reefs Palette, which is paraben-free and comes in the pretty shades shown above. In addition, "Five percent of the proceeds benefit the Marine Conservation Institute in an effort to protect 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020." You can also sign Chantecaille's U.N. petition to protect corals here

This sweet handmade mermaid pillow (you can specify hair and scale color) is made with a $5 per pillow donation made to The American Cancer Society. 

I just love this hand-dyed and printed vintage mermaid designed tank top. Perfect for summer seaside adventures!

Susan Rockefeller's documentary film, "Mission Of Mermaids," perfectly captures the connection between myth and the challenging reality our oceans face. 

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