Buy Nothing DayI’m celebrating Buy Nothing Day today by catching up on my blog reading, finishing (hopefully) Climate Cover-Up, and taking a walk to the beach because it’s another gorgeous day in Southern California today. And many eco-bloggers around the world are celebrating with me. Here’s what they’re doing instead of buying on Black Friday:

>> Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish’s gotten very hardcore about buying nothing! After losing a reusable coffee mug, she’s decided to repurpose a glass pasta sauce jar instead of buying a new mug.

>> Sami Grover at Treehugger says Black Friday shopping’s upsetting to him:

Yes, I know our economy runs on buying things. And more shopping means, to some degree, more jobs. But what happened to quality, not just quantity? The recent financial crisis shows just how much trouble we can get ouselves into when greed, consumption and easy debt go unchecked.
>> Don’t Buy, DIY says Outi of OutsaPop Trashion.

>> Karina at Tiny Choices urges you to Have a Thoughtful Black Friday — and offers some ideas for shopping that are easier on the planet’s resources.

>> Britt Bravo of Have Fun Do Good also offers Black Friday alternatives — from buying nothing to buying thoughtfully.

Are you celebrating Black Friday? Share your experiences, ideas, and thoughts on Buy Nothing Day in the comments!

Image courtesy of Adbusters

How eco-bloggers celebrate Buy Nothing Day
Find out how fellow environmentalists celebrate buying nothing on the biggest shopping day of the year.