I love scarves. And by love I mean if you were to meet me on the street on a random day, it's more likely than not that I would be wearing a scarf, or at least carrying one, just in case. And in the winter? I feel naked unless my neck is snuggled into a comfy soft-and-warm knit confection.

Scarves are a simple way to dress up an ensemble, add color or a bit of a statement to a basic outfit, and warm up without carrying a bunch of bulky stuff. A wonderful secret about scarves is that if your neck is warm, you don't need as many other layers of clothing. A covered neck and chest during cool temps keeps your whole torso warmer while leaving your arms freer.

But even if you're already convinced of the merit of scarves, they can get a little boring to wear sometimes. That's why the video below is so useful. If you try even half of these 25 ideas, you will have a bit of fun and will change up your look (albeit subtley).

Was the video above a little too much for you? Do you think scarf-tying tutorials are a bit silly? Will you immediately forget all you have learned? If so, here's a hilarious palate-cleanser:

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How many ways can you tie your scarf?
These 2 tutorials will get you scarfing in lots of new ways!