Can’t afford to hire a green office consultant — or even buy a book about greening the workplace yourself? Try the Green Office Buying Guide, put together by the city of Santa Monica. This interactive website lets you see at a click what you can do to eco-fy your workplace bathroom, garage, maintenance room — and even the exterior of your office building.

Click on a room in the virtual office building — the breakroom, for example — and you’ll be taken to a new clickable room-specific page with eco-advice about your drinking water, food supply, pest control and more. Click on those specific topics and you’ll get a page with details on what eco issues to consider, what cost effect going green will have, and what resources are available to help businesses.

For example, clicking on “Pest Control” will give you a quick outline of the environmental and health reasons for greening pest control, details about how Santa Monica was able to save money by getting rid of unnecessary pest control measures, and links to resources ranging from a fact sheet titled “Controlling Ants in Your House” to the website of National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides.

Since Green Office Buying Guide was created to help Santa Monica businesses, many details — especially about vendors and city regulations or initiatives — are specific to Santa Monica. However, a lot of the information and links can be great starting points for any office in the U.S.

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Interactive green office buying guide
The interactive Green Office Buying Guide website lets you see at a click what you can do to eco-fy your workplace.