Already a fan of recycled glass jewelry? How about sun-and-gravity designed glass jewelry? Harnessing those natural forces is what a cute Minneapolis company called Sundrop Jewelry is doing to delight science geeks and eco-fashionistas alike.

When companies talk about their business being solar-powered, they usually mean their offices have solar panels installed on the roofs. At Sundrop Jewelry, however, the sun-to-product connection’s more direct. A big lens focuses the sun’s rays and heat onto colored glass — which forms a drop-like shape as gravity does its work. Watch how the jewelry’s made in this short, silent video:

Started by Shaun and Tawny Reynolds, Sundrop Jewelry doesn’t stop at solar-powered design in its efforts to green its business. From sourcing recycled silver gauges for the earrings to redesigning smaller jewelry cards made with 100% post-consumer recycled content, Sundrop Jewelry keeps working to continue greening its products and practices, documenting the process in great detail on its blog.

Want to wear Sundrop Jewelry? Find a store near you — or try the Sundrop Jewelry web store, which offers everything from earrings to necklaces to belly rings to wine charms. Prices range from $18 to $48 per piece.

Jewelry designed by the sun
A green Minneapolis company designs jewelry by harnessing the sun's energy with a giant lens.