Worked hard on assembling that eco-wardrobe? Then show off your green fashion sense by joining the virtual Eco Fashion Show at Fashion, evolved.

All you have to do is email a photo of yourself all gussied up in your green outfit, whether that’s a pre-loved vintage dress, an organic cotton ensemble, or upcycled hand-crafted accessories!

The Eco Fashion Show’s still very new. Amanda Quraishi, the woman behind Fashion, evolved, kicked things off just a month ago. “I started it so that people could show off their creativity and really showcase how much fun and variety is involved with wearing eco-fashion and vintage clothing,” Amanda says.

Send your own submissions in to! For inspiration, visit fiftyRX3, a photo documentary project by eco-fashion maven Jill Danielle, who took a picture of what she wore everyday from Nov. 2005 - Nov. 2006, with the “goal of averaging fifty percent sustainability based on the environmental mantra ‘reuse, reduce, recycle.’”

Join the Eco Fashion Show
Show off your eco-wardrobe by submitting your green getup to the Eco Fashion Show.