What’s your kooky eco-idea? Mine’s a solar-powered egg-shaped flying vehicle I can keep on my balcony, for use on rainy days like today. Of course, I have no idea how to actually bring this vehicle into existence ...

More realistically: At Time magazine, Dan Fletcher has put together a list of Top 10 Odd Environmental Ideas that are actually viable, though perhaps not ready for the mass market.

Browse through the list and you’ll notice that most of the eco-ideas Dan pooh-poohs have to do with poo and pee. Reusable toilet wipes and pig urine plates are dismissed as eco-crazy — though Dan’s surprisingly okay with urine batteries!

Check out the list for a few laughs — and for a look at innovative ideas like dance clubs powered by the energy of its dancers and post-death resomation. Idea for an eco tombstone or urn etching: Resomate in Peace?

Photo: Courtesy Got Jenna