Actress Kristen Bell might be most famous for her turn as the much-beloved Veronica Mars and her pretty-relatable characters in the comedies "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and "Couples Retreat."

But she's also a longtime environmentalist (she's been a vegetarian since age 11), animal-lover (she's adopted three pooches, including an older lab orphaned by Hurricane Katrina) and she has worked with Invisible Children, an organization that seeks to end child soldiering in Uganda. I'd call her a good egg. 
So it comes as no surprise that her combination of heart and approachable attractiveness led her to partner with The Nature Conservancy and Neutrogena on its new Naturals line. Besides being a major drugstore brand offering that has many fewer chemicals and pays attention to its packaging (see details below), the company has enlisted a cadre of freshwater-loving women to draw attention to issues surrounding this diminishing resource. Below, as part of the series, Alexandra Cousteau interviews Bell about what she thinks is most important when it comes to water issues. 
Neutrogena's green efforts are pretty commendable for such a large brand. Not only are the products free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes and phthalates (better for your health, skin and the water supplies into which your sink drain runs) but the packaging is made from recycled materials that use 75 percent less water.
And of course, all sorts of natural ingredients, like jojoba, willowbark (a great natural astringent) and avocado. Are they perfect and totally all-natural? Nope, but for their price point and wide availability from a mass market brand, they're a pretty-close-to-clean addition to the marketplace (but might not be for purists). Now if only all Johnson & Johnson products could say the same, we would really be getting somewhere protecting both water and women's health. 

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Kristen Bell urges women to protect our waterways in Neutrogena Naturals' campaign
The Earth-loving actress explains how the products you use in the shower impact freshwater resources.