Here’s a rather disturbing short video that may make you rethink your makeup habit. A woman starts getting ready for a date, puts on lipstick, then takes a little lick of the lipstick, then nibbles off a chunk of the lipstick — then starts chowing down a whole bunch of lipsticks. Once she runs out of lipsticks she starts in on her compact and face cream!

The text at the end of the video reveals the point of the video — “Over the course of a lifetime, the average woman ingests 7 pounds of lipstick” — which appears to be an ad for eco-friendly makeup line RAW Natural Beauty.

Certainly, few women swallow large chunks of lipstick on purpose. But considering the fact that many lipsticks contain lead and other worrisome ingredients, a lifetime of lipstick licking does seem quite gross — and unhealthy. Writes Tracy Clark-Flory at’s Broadsheet: “Huh. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t make me want to go the ‘natural’ makeup route — it just makes me want to forgo lipstick altogether.”

What about you? If you’re still a lipstick-wearing kind of environmentalist, learn how to make your kisses lead-free or to take part in a lead-free lipstick swap.

Let them eat natural lipstick
A disturbing ad for a natural makeup company shows a woman making a meal out of her makeup collection.