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Want to wear your love for Belvedere? With Beca Designs jewelry, you can — and greenly too. The necklace-and-earrings set below’s made with recycled Belvedere bottles, cut to show off the pretty white branches –

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Beca Designs eco-friendly jewelry’s made by Beth Carter from recycled bottles, collected from bars and restaurants that were not previously recycling the booze bottles. Beth then hand-cuts or kiln-fires the bottles in her studio in Colbert, Georgia, to make jewelry, spoon holders, coin trays, and other household goods.

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I discovered Beca Designs at the Go Green Expo in Atlanta, Georgia — where I still am right now, working for a day in Mother Nature Network’s office. You can buy many of these pieces on the Beca Design website. Prices range from $14 - $40.

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Liquor bottles become jewelry
Beca Designs makes its eco-friendly jewelry with recycled liquor bottles, collected from local restaurants and bars.