Big award shows aren’t exactly eco-friendly affairs, but one eco-fashionista’s trying to make a green statement on the red carpet with her dresses. At the Golden Globe awards last weekend, Colin Firth’s wife, Livia Firth, wore a re-purposed Christiana Couture wedding dress, accented with a simple black velvet ribbon. (via Treehugger)

That gorgeous dress was the first of Livia’s eco-style statements for The Green Carpet Challenge — a blog at UK that documents Livia’s effort to wear only green-minded couture as she accompanies her husband during the awards season. Livia, a film producer who also owns an eco-shop called Eco Age in Chiswick, has to pay attention to “labour rights, repurposing, up-cycling, low waste, low carbon, low impact (all the ‘lows’), sustainable fibres, alternative fibres and some organic fibres” — without sticking out like “a sustainable sore thumb.”

The idea behind the challenge is to look beautiful in eco-friendly couture — to get people thinking more about sustainability in fashion. Getting people to think about how green fashion comes with real challenges, according to Livia:

People here do not seem to understand the concept of ethical fashion — they loved the dress but when I revealed the origin they sort of switch off as if it’s not cool anymore because it was once a wedding dress. It’s made me realise that although repurposing and vintage are great, we need to go one step further and make a really strong ethical fashion statement.
Follow Livia Firth’s blog to find out what ethical dress she ends up wearing to the Screen Actors Guild Awards this Saturday.