My male environmentalist friends often complain that all the green fashions are made for women. So now, frugal metrosexual environmentalists will be happy to hear that Rogan Gregory, designer for and co-founder of Loomstate, has put together a new, affordable collection for Target — with lots of men’s fashions!

Called Loomstate for Target, the collection will debut at Target stores on April 19. Women’s fashions will be sold through May 16, Men’s until June 20. All items are made with 100% organic cotton, priced between $14.99 to $44.99.

Target’s last dalliance with eco-fashions happened last May, when the Rogan for Target line went on sale at Barney’s before moving on to Target stores. At that time, I bought a a cotton-and-linen T-shirt for $19.99, complete with a 100% post-consumer recycled paper tag that encouraged me to “enjoy these clothes and don’t hesitate to wear them forever.” Unfortunately, the once well-fitting T-shirt hasn’t stood the test of time too well. The neckline has gotten loose and frumpy-looking, and the folded sleeves never stay properly folded, creating a slightly run-down look.

The lower quality of the Target products may be one reason why Loomstate for Target pieces cost so much less than Loomstate’s regular products (Prices for Loomstate T-shirts begin at $60). Another reason could be less stringent labor practices. While Loomstate says its “factories must use the highest environmental and labor standards, controlling factory pollution, and enforcing fair labor as the cornerstone of the effort,” Target makes no such promise. When I asked about fair labor practices for the Rogan for Target line, Target pointed me to its own “business ethics practices” page, outlining its industry-defined, self-regulated standard that often comes under critique by fair labor organizations and advocates.

Of course, sheer volume helps account for Target’s lower prices, too. If you end up shopping at Target for these new eco-fashions, grab a bottle of affordable fair trade wine while you’re in the store — and drop me a comment letting me know how your eco-ethical purchases pan out.

Images: Courtesy Target

Loomstate for Target
A high-end eco-fashion company creates an affordable 100% organic cotton line for Target customers.