Loved EDUN’s organic cotton T-shirts for their eco-friendly, fair trade goodness backed by a company founded on eco- and socially conscious values? Get ready to shift your thinking a bit, because Louis Vuitton’s taken a big green bite of the green company.

That’s right, LVMH’s bought an almost 50% minority stake in EDUN. This news isn’t necessarily bad — LVMH’s big and powerful and could put some of that power into EDUN, helping to make socially and environmentally-conscious clothing a part of everyone’s wardrobe.

On the downside, LVMH isn’t known for its high labor standards, as M.J. Prest at Ethical Style points out. It’s unclear, as of now, what effect LVMH’s stake will have on EDUN’s practices.

How do you deal with buyouts of little companies you’ve grown to love? For my part, I still buy Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, even though it’s now owned by Colgate, mainly because the stuff hasn’t changed, and I haven’t found another natural toothpaste that I like….

Louis Vuitton and Edun: Now related
LVMH buys a nearly 50% minority stake in Bono's eco-ethical fashion company, EDUN.