LUSH lures environmentalists with one big eco-attraction: Naked products. We’re talking shampoos, soaps,and even massage oils — devoid of all that disposable, plasticky packaging. And for Earth Day, LUSH is taking its bare-bones approach one step further — with its reusable Furoshiki-inspired gift wrap.

Lush Knot-WrapStop by any LUSH store, and you can opt to get your purchase wrapped at stations that give your gift a stylish flourish — and your giftee a stylish scarf. The $6.95 Knot-Wrap is done up with scarves made of recyclable materials or vintage fabrics.

And for Earth Day, LUSH has put together a limited edition Naked Kit — a $20 gift pack filled with six unpackaged LUSH products. Yes, all six are put into a paper box with a paper band — but that’s the extent of the packaging. There’s no plastic involved whatsoever, and even the band’s held together with paper tabs!

Now, here’s where the naked story gets ... slightly complicated. My Naked Kit sample arrived in less-than-pristine condition — because it was delivered by UPS and required a signature — which meant it got re-re-delivered since I wasn’t home to sign for it the first couple times my UPS guy made the trip. The slightly smooshed and discolored result of this delivery delay is evident in the photo of my Naked Kit as I received it, below:

LUSH Naked Kit

Of course, though banged up, the products worked just fine — and cleaned up after a use (below, minus the toner tab, which disappears after one use). I loved the Squeaky Green Solid Shampoo bar, which lathered up wonderfully and left my hair feeling clean and strong. The Sexy Peel Soap also won me over with its organic citrus scent, as did the Therapy Solid massage bar I used to moisturize my elbows, knees and feet. The bar’s even 100 percent certified organic!

LUSH Naked Kit

That said, I didn’t love all the rpoducts. The Fresh Farmacy solid facial soap left a greasy residue on my face that would have been sure to produce breakouts if I didn’t re-wash my face with my usual facial soap. The Buffy Solid Body Butter, though pleasantly scrubby, left behind an over-moisturizing residue I didn’t like — though those who feel comfortable combining soap with after-shower body lotion might like the bar. And the Vitamin C Toner Tab — which I was to throw into some hot water and hold my face over — smelled OK but didn’t actually seem to DO anything. All three of those products, coincidentally, included “fragrance” as an ingredient — which I always try to avoid, since “fragrance” can be a cover-all for all sorts of unnamed and potentially dangerous chemicals.

But the three products I did like didn’t list fragrance as an ingredient. Some of them listed specific ingredients used to create scent, like linalool, limonene, geraniol, farnesol, and citral. All of those rank a moderate hazard on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetic safety database, but LUSH does derive those ingredients from essential oils, versus through synthetic manufacture — which is why products like the Therapy Solid massage bar can be certified organic.

So — if you plan to give the Naked Kit as a gift to your favorite packaging-averse friend, I recommend buying it at a local store, opting for the reusable Knot-Wrap, and treating the package delicately until it makes it into your giftee’s hands. Better yet, create your own kit at LUSH, selecting only products with ingredient lists that don’t include “fragrance.” Feel good naked this Earth Day!

LUSH gets naked
LUSH celebrates Earth Month by offering a reusable Furoshiki-inspired gift wrap -- made of recyclable materials or vintage fabrics.