The much-anticipated two-hour season premiere of "Mad Men" airs on March 25 (the show has been off the air for more than a year and a half). The show is noted for its fantastic staging and killer 1950s style. But this season jumps to the middle of the 1960s, so we can anticipate some shorter skirts and thicker eyelashes. 


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But in the real world, "Mad Men" style dominated the spring runways, so if you want to dress like Joan, Betty or Peggy from seasons 1-4 of the show, here are some eco-friendly, lower-impact ways to do so.   


The cropped Moto Jacket by Nixxi is a total Betty (on a wild day) piece. Slim cut, white with an asymmetrical zipper, and made from organic linen, it could be paired with a slim white skirt or cropped denims and loafers. A bright red or pink lipstick completes the look. 

The Hayne dress by Crop by David Peck is a total Peggy dress-shape, but with a modern digital print. 

NaturevsFuture's Swerve coat is made from designer surplus fabric that would otherwise have made its way to the landfill. Designed and made in NYC (no sweatshops here), the coat has a vintage shape with modern detail, which is the perfect way to enjoy the "Mad Men" style without looking like a throwback. 

This sweetheart-neckline pin-up dress is handmade in Barcelona by Boyd and Mina Baten. Its neckline, slim cut and funky pattern would be a perfect fit for Joan. 

Anticipating the coming season, this vintage '60s white lace suit is a classic three-piece that would likely be a wedding ensemble. Perhaps church bells for Peggy? 

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'Mad Men' style goes eco-friendly
The hit TV show is poised for its premiere. What will you be wearing?