Some of my favorite notebooks are made by Papergeist Books, a cute Florida-based company that crafts unique notebooks and planners out of vintage record sleeves and one-side-used paper. The one-of-a-kind $22 notebooks don’t fit everyone’s budget, however. If you’ve got more time than money on your hands, you can create your own post-post-consumer content Papergeist-esque notebook with a little help from Instructables (via Lifehacker)!

The photo-illustrated guide by Instructables member WhyIsThisOpen is for creating a VHS Spiral Bound Notebook that basically requires you to buy a brand new notebook and simply replace the cover with a VHS cover cut to size. But you can green up this project by taking apart a used spiral notebook for the spiral spine, and folding or cutting up one-sized used paper for the notebook’s innards.

Making this project post post consumer will also require a lot of hole punching, since you’ll need to punch up all the one-side-used paper in addition to the upcycled VHS cover. But in the end, you’ll have a 100 percent post-post-consumer content notebook made with all reused materials!

And remember — that VHS cassette itself can be partially upcycled too. Take out the ribbon and use it to decorate gifts with retro bows and frills.

Make a 100% upcycled spiral notebook
Tweak an Instructables guide to create one-of-a-kind notebooks -- from all reclaimed materials.