Though I love watching Threadbanger videos that show how to upcycle T-shirts and other clothes into laptop bags, scarves, and other accessories, I rarely ever actually attempt these upcycling projects myself. Why? I don’t have a sewing machine.

Well, now comes instructions for transforming your hoodie into everything from a laptop bag to a baby carrier — no sewing required! These instructions, available at Conceptual Devices, are also reversible — so when you’re feeling cold, you can untransform your handiwork back into a hoodie to wear. (via Ecouterre)

Basically, this Conceptual Devices turns the classic hoodie into a contemporary American version of furoshiki, sort of. Wear, fold, tie, reuse. Watch the video below to see how easily a hoodie laptop bag is made.

Make your hoodie multifunctional
Follow simple folding instructions to turn your hoodie into everything from a pillow to a backpack.