Put on a few extra pounds over the holidays? Here's an eco-way to love the body you're in without shelling out for a whole new wardrobe. Leslie at The Oko Box blog shows how you can add a few extra inches to your favorite pair of jeans, DIY-style!

You'll need the pair of jeans you want to save, fabric scraps, a measuring tape, and a sewing machine -- plus some sewing know-how. The blog provides detailed written instructions to get you sewing, but you can watch a video of the process to inspire you too:

If your jeans are too ripped up or out of style, check out Wise Bread's list of 25 things you can do with old jeans, ranging from a custom camera bag to a cup cozy.

Photo: Courtesy The Oko Box blog

Make your too-small jeans fit, DIY-style
Don't throw away your favorite pair of jeans! Here's how to make your old denim fit the new you.