Manufacture NY has a simple goal; to bring clothing production back to NYC. The indefatiguable Bob Bland, a fashion designer with over ten years of experience, heads up the effort, and knows all about the challenges of making apparel in the US—and how to really make it happen. She's joined by a collection of 60+ designers (clothing and accessories) is ready to use an open space in Industry City, Brooklyn to conceive, pattern, sew and produce clothing domestically. 

“In the last two decades, the United States has lost 80% of its apparel manufacturing jobs, and the decline of the Garment District in NYC is a visible sign of these crippling losses. There isn’t enough support available for emerging designers in the fashion industry currently. We need to join together as a community, engage the public & use our collective voice to resurrect apparel manufacturing for a new generation. Demand for affordable, consistent local production is high, and yet we continue to lose jobs to overseas factories that are facing worker unrest and a desire for higher wages themselves,” says Bob Bland, Founder & CEO Manufacture NY.

Their Indigogo campaign (see video below) is aiming to raise the funds to make this perfect-right-now idea reality. They need $100,000 to get going (that's $50,000 for the space, $25,000 for equipment, and $25,000 for jobs right off the bat). Manufacture NY can ensure that the people making your clothes are making them ethically and that they are creating jobs here in the USA where they are so very needed. 

Click here to contribute to "Making it in the USA—Again!" 

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Manufacture NY: Bringing clothing production back to the US
This new business could serve as a model for other cities across the United States who want to bring domestic production back.