Were you wowed by yesterday's story about Peyton Robertson? He's the tween scientist whose inventions are making waves in communities affected by flooding. I know I was impressed by his creative thinking and designs. Writing about him led me down a Google path to learn about other inspiring young entrepreneurs.

Meet Maya Penn.

This 13-year-old designer, animator, and activist is taking the world by storm. At age 8, Maya started her first business - Maya's Ideas - selling eco-friendly clothing and accessories. After learning about how the traditional process of making and dyeing clothing released toxins that were harmful to people and the planet, she committed to making her designs using only natural fabrics and dyes. Her designs have landed her clients all over the world and features in a number of major media outlets.

But what's really interesting about Maya is her firm commitment to giving back. When she started her compnay - at age 8, remember - she committed to giving 10-20 percent of all of her profits go directly back to charity. And she continues to do that now five years later.

Watch Maya's TED talk and get inspired by her passion for design and her spark for protecting the environment:

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Maya Penn: Teen designer, entrepreneur, and activist
This 13-year-old fashion designer, cartoon animator, and activist is committed to making eco-savvy clothing that gives back.