Eco-fashion mavens going for the military chic look can now get bags to match their outfits. Killspencer crafts messenger bags, overnight bags, and backpacks out of military truck tarps that have been used in military combat — and have “authentic post combat wear and tear” to prove it (via ecouterre).

Killspencer laptop bag by you.

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, each of Killspencer’s upcycled bags are uniquely distressed — and individually numbered with letterpress. The high-end bags also come with a “retractable wall mount system” that can speed up packing and unpacking, in case you’d like to apply a militaristic efficiency to your daily life.

Killspencer backpack by you.

Upcycled uniqueness and post-combat fashion doesn’t come cheap, however. Bags cost $400 – $450 each. Luckily, the goods are very durable; use the bag for the rest of your life and get your money’s worth.

Military tarp bags for the eco-soldier
Killspencer upcycles military truck tarps into rugged, long-lasting bags with “authentic post combat wear and tear.”