Clean out your jewelry boxes! The baubles you never wear can be exchanged for credit on new, fashionable jewelry designed by Jill Platner, thanks to Jill's Melt Your Gold program.

Take in the old gold you no longer wear to Jill's New York store -- or email for a mail-in form -- and you'll get store credit for the market rate of your gold jewelry's weight minus a 5 percent handling fee.

The recycled gold will then be turned into elegant new "green gold" jewelry -- which are pricy enough ($256 for baby studs) that you'll be really happy you got the store credit.

And this summer, you'll be able to shop for organic Loomstate T-shirts while you're recycling gold and buying eco-jewelry. A new Loomstate pop-up shop's been set up at Jill Platner (via Ethical Style). So from now until the end of the summer, stop by 113 Crosby St. to browse limited edition organic cotton Loomstate T-shirts alongside green gold jewelry. 

Money for your gold jewelry
Take or mail in your old gold jewelry to Jill Platner in New York and get store credit for new gorgeous 'green gold' jewelry.