Whether you have a nostalgia for cassette tapes, love incidental music, or simply want a unique upcycled fashion piece, sonic fabric neckties may be just the conversation-starting, music-making accessory you may be looking for. (via Ecouterre)

Made from 50 percent recycled cassette tape and 50 percent polyester, these sonic fabric neckties are actually playable, emitting “a garbled, underwater-like sound when you run a tape head over it,” as Yuka Yoneda at Inhabitat describes it.

sonic tie on man by you.

The limited-edition ties were created through a collaboration between artist Alyce Santoro, inventor of sonic fabric, and designer Julio Cesar. According to the whimsical sonic fabric site, the ties “are intended to impart the wearer with special, subtle powers of perception and attunement, and to emit an intangible sense of the miraculous.”

sonic ties by you.

More practically, the ties incorporate upcycled materials into a practical, wearable accessory, perfect for your next Green Drinks event. For $90, a sonic tie can be yours. Pick from black, gray, or brown ties at Supermarket.

Musical neckties made with recycled tape
Sonic fabric neckties make for unique eco-accessories -- and can make music too.