I find that creating very specific resolutions is the only way to keep them and hope to get them done. Since I'm turning 35 this year, I've decided that it's important for me to focus on my skin, with the upside being that pretty much everything that's good for the body's largest organ is also great for overall health. 


Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep per night: Truly restful, nighttime sleep is when skin does most of its repair work, so when you scrimp on shut-eye, you're not only more likely to feel tired and less likely to exercise the next day, but you're not giving skin enough time to heal from prior assaults. I'm pretty good at getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night — because I turn into such a beast if I don't that it's just painful to be around me. But your skin is another great reason to turn off the tube or close the computer and get thee to the Land of Nod. 


Eat plenty of antioxidants and greens: A couple of years ago, I lost a few pounds by simply doubling the amount of produce on my plate at each meal. Not only did I drop the pounds, but I noticed my skin looked less lined and absolutely glowed from within. After the excesses of the holiday season, and the complete lack of any kind of "cover-up" tan, I'm going to be eating a salad every day, and making sure to add Acai, blueberries and fresh spinach to my smoothies in the morning. 


Get sun this winter: Ten minutes a day in the sunshine not only helps your body produce much-needed vitamin D, but it can also improve skin's tone and give a bit of color. I never advocate suntanning or "laying out" covered in oil, but I do think (and here I'm joined by natural health practitioners and even some mainstream organizations) that not all sun exposure is bad for the skin. 


Hydrate responsibly: I am terrible at drinking enough water, and to top it off, I like to eat dried fruits like figs and prunes, which should always be consumed with water to make them digestible. I go to the gym and then drink coffee without enough water breaks to boost my fluid levels again, and then I spend time indoors in heated rooms that are dry. I am often dehydrated, and it makes me feel sluggish — and it is absolutely terrible for the skin. I'm going back to carrying my water bottle with me at all times (which I do in the summer). This is also a good way to know exactly how much you've drunk in a day. 


Go makeup-free whenever possible: Even though I wear nontoxic makeup, I find that the more days I go without anything on my skin, the better it looks (and then the more likely I am to leave the house fresh-faced). I'm going to try to wear less makeup as I get older, not more, and it all starts now. 


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