Natalie Portman was recently announced as the new face of Dior's Miss Dior Cherie perfume -- but when it came time to shoot the commercial, the company made sure the actress was well taken care of.

The "Black Swan" actress, who is strictly vegan and once designed her own line of vegan shoes, recently told, “One of the things that’s been so nice is that Dior made all of the shoes for me with no animals and no leather or anything, because I don’t wear any leather…They re-made all my shoes so I can wear Dior shoes without taking lives.”

In 2009, Portman revealed that it was Jonathan Safran Foer’s book "Eating Animals" that convinced her to go all the way with a vegan diet.

“Perhaps others disagree with me that animals have personalities,” she wrote in a review of the book on The Huffington Post. “But the highly documented torture of animals is unacceptable, and the human cost Foer describes in his book, of which I was previously unaware, is universally compelling.”

Though Portman is obviously pysched that Dior took into account her animal-free convictions for the shoot, some have complained that it doesn't make sense for her to shill for a company known for its leather and fur accessories; especially when they don't even commercially offer a "vegan collection" of shoes.

Perhaps the 29-year-old actress might inspire them to give it a shot? What do you think of Natalie's hookup with Dior? 

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Natalie Portman scores vegan shoes from Dior
Animal-friendly actress given special treatment as the new face of Dior's Miss Dior Cherie perfume.