Leg-lengthening nude heels are way in this season — so much so that Bergdorf Goodman’s even put together an entire web store section dedicated to them. Want to try some on for size — but seek greener options? Try on a pair of Willa shoes from Naya — a stylish, more sustainable option that’s versatile enough to dress up or down.

Naya sent me a pair of the Willas for review — so I stood an extra 2-3/4 inches tall at a green film screening and party I went to last night, thanks to the sustainable, natural cork heels. Cork was used in the footbed, outsole, and platform wrap too — adding a nice fashion detail while eliminating the need for more dyes and color. Also among the green features is the inner lining fabric — a flashy animal print made with recycle content. The leather upper’s veggie-tanned (though not organic), and has a nice but not-too-distracting leaf detail.

Are these greener heels comfortable? I’d rate them about as comfortable as your average, high-quality near 3-inch heels. The shoes do have extra arch support padding, which helped, but the front of the leather uppers dug into my toes a little bit by the end of the night. I’m not planning to take any long urban hikes in them, but as with most heels, I'm hoping the Willas will loosen up a bit up front and get more comfortable with wear.

The fashion bonus of these shoes for me is that they go with practically everything — and do makes legs look longer. The style’s classic enough to transcends trends — though cork heels are the rage right now.

Willa sandals cost $135 a pair at Shoes.com — expensive for thrift store shoppers, but a steal compared to Yves Saint Laurent’s $675 cork heel sandals. Each pair comes with a reusable bag made with recycled PET — in a box made with 80 percent recycled paper.

Nude sandals reach new green heights
Nude-hued shoes are in this season — and Naya's Willa heels offer sustainable style with natural cork and recycled fabrics.