If you're like me, you mentally add an extra $15 to $20 or so to the price tag of every pair of pants you buy because you'll need to get them hemmed up — and usually taken in at the waist, too. Even the pre-loved $15 Hard Tail yoga pants I got at Buffalo Exchange ended up costing me $29 at the end, after a snip-and-sew job at my tailor.

That's why I got so excited about the Flexure Pant from Horny Toad. These organic cotton pants have legs made for girls like me, with each bottom hem equipped with three overlocked lines that can be cut to a desired length, without fear of unraveling!

I think of Horny Toad as the J. Crew of eco-friendly activewear — since the look is a casual preppy that's just shy of uptight. Horny Toad's designs may hint at curves, but are never figure-hugging or bod show-offy like American Apparel or Hard Tail. I'm not a J. Crew type, but I was preppy-curious, so when Horny Toad sent me an organic workout outfit for review, I sharpened my scissors!

I snipped sans fear at the hems of the Flexure Pant and then paired it with the Storm Tank Top and wore my eco-friendly outfit to one of L.A.'s funnest eco-friendly activities of the year, Big Parade L.A. Here I am with Dan Koeppel, the parade organizer, in my Storm Tank Top.

Siel Ju and Dan Koeppel at Big Parade LA 2011

Sadly, I didn't take very good photos of the pants — though a fellow parader caught me in a stylized photo, below. Beyond the cuttable hems, the Flexure Pant has a lot of cool detailing, like angled yoke seams and a back stash pocket. And the Storm Tank, made with a blend of Eco-friendly Tencel, organic cotton and spandex for stretch, also has some simple but unique design elements, like the diagonal pintucks across the chest.

The downside? The outfit isn't quite made for my body type, and thus isn't quite as versatile as I'd hoped. See how low the Storm Tank's neckline is on me? That neckline — combined with the extra stretchy shoulder straps and not-so-deep shelf bra — made for a small fashion faux pas during yoga class, when I ended up revealing a lot more than I intended during upward dog! Luckily, it was a small morning class with just four women. And the Flexure Pant is also made for a girl less curvy than me. On my body, the piece is a tad too tight at the hips and thighs, a tad too loose at the waist. The outfit may best suit women who have straight up and down bodies like J. Crew models.

Still, I've been wearing the comfy Horny Toad pieces on hikes to Temescal and Runyon, sometimes paired with the extra long Hyde OTM Halter to cover the too-tight-around-hips issue. And I'm grateful to have saved that $15 I usually spend at the tailor. The Flexure Pant is available for $67 at Horny Toad's online store; the Storm Tank for $46. And if you like Horny Toad's Facebook page, the company will send a $1 to Heal the Bay.

Organic activewear you can cut to fit
Horny Toad's Flexure Pant is made with organic cotton — and can be cut to length along three different hemlines for the perfect fit.