Organic beauty’s now available even to the Target crowd. Botanics Organic, an eco-friendly beauty product line by the U.K. company Boots, has made safer, greener cleansers and lotions budget-friendly.

From lip balms to face polish, Botanics Organic products are affordable, with prices ranging from $6.99 to $13.99. All the products also have high certified organic content, ranging from 77% - 100%!

Of course, the safety of what makes up the other 23% (and less) of the products matter too — so I tried putting them through Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database. All ingredients in the 95% certified organic Lip Balm, 87% certified organic Smoothing Face Polish, the 85% certified organic Hydrating Day Cream, and the 81% certified organic Rich Body Butter, were in the “low hazard” range except for citric acid, which scored a “medium hazard score of 4. I didn’t even bother putting the Rosewater Toner or Nourishing Body Oil through the Skin Deep test — because the products are 100% certified organic!

Do they work? My favorite product’s the lip balm, which combines shea butter and olive oil to moisturize without greasifying your lips. The day cream also’s an item I plan to get again. It’s rich and creamy but surprisingly light, both in texture and scent.

I liked the texture and moisturizing power of the body butter too, but the stuff has a slightly musty scent when I first put it on, which some may find off-putting. The face polish was probably my least favorite product, because the little scrubby granules just aren’t scrubby enough — and the product leaves a bit of its creamy residue behind. However, those with drier skin might find this moisturizing scrub provides a good combo of cleansing and moisturizing all at once.

The Botanics Organic line also includes a hand wash (94% certified organic), body lotion (83% certified organic), body wash (77% certified organic), super balm (95% certified organic), and body oil (100% certified organic). Find them all at Target, or Amazon.

Organic beauty at Target prices
Botanics Organic's eco-friendly beauty products are priced to please Target shoppers.