Love the smell of organic strawberries? Pick up a bottle of 100% Pure body cream, and you can enjoy the fruity scent all day — naturally.

100% Pure is a green-minded personal care products company that shuns parabens, synthetic chemicals, and artificial fragrances — and embraces organic fruits extracts to make delicious-smelling bath and body goodies. Read the ingredient list of 100% Pure’s body creams, and you’ll see a long list of recognizable, safe moisturizers like organic cocoa and avocado butter, and sweet-smelling extracts from organic chocolate, and cherries.

I discovered 100% Pure at the Natural Products Expo West last year, but finally got a few lotions to try at home last week — and loved the thick, creamy texture. Both the Organic Fuji Apple and Organic Strawberry Lemonade lotions smelled amazing — yummily fragrant with none of that that synthetic, chemical scent of artificial fragrances — and moisturized well, absorbing quickly.

However, I wasn’t so fond of the third scent I tried — Organic Pineapple — which smelled vaguely medicinal and slightly putrid — to the point I’m wondering if I got a bad batch. I won’t be buying that option again, but am still curious to try the Organic Vanilla Bean and Organic Tahiti scents next!

100% Pure body creams are available online at 100% Pure’s web store. A 7.5 oz bottle cost $17.

Organic fruit meets rich body cream
100% Pure makes decadent body creams that smell like delicious organic fruits.