The term eco-friendly leather makes some vegans gnash their teeth, but for anti-cruelty carnivores, Romp’s a fashion haven of sorts. This UK-based leather fashion company prides itself as being one of the greenest — and most transparent — companies out there.

“We are not one of the 100% organic fibre brigades who are in fact still using conventional dyes and finishes and uncertified factories,” announces Romp on its website. Not only is Romp’s leather certified organic, the manufacturing, dying and fabrification process are all certified organic, too. “We are the only traceable certified organic couture fashion house on earth.”

Romp has a Los Angeles boutique, which threw a sake-and-organic-raw-snacks party last Friday to show off its spring and beach collections. The high-end couture fashions were, as always, gorgeous to look at — but what I actually noticed most were the economy-affected prices! The Biarca Jacket to the left, for example, was originally (and on the web, still is) priced at about $1130. At the L.A. boutique, you can get it for just $600.

Many consider eco-leather a contradiction in terms — for good reason. In the same way that a non-organic vegan diet is still much less carbon-intensive than a diet that includes a lot of organic meat, raising cows and making leather jackets is — even when done in an eco-friendly manner — a very energy-intensive process. In addition, suede and leather goods are generally considered luxuries, not needs — though unless you really are just content wearing a hemp sack all the time, the line between luxury and need is a fine one indeed.

How do you feel about certified organic leather? Would you buy Romp’s fashions?

Top photo: Courtesy Romp; bottom photo by Siel

Organic leather couture
Leather fashion company ROMP prides itself as being one of the greenest companies out there.