Cyclists with cold feet: I have a fun pair of socks to recommend. Maggie’s Organics makes Bicycle Footie Socks — that are as cute as they are comfy.

I actually got these cute socks to run in. I have a favorite pair of running socks, but at $16.99 a pair, I’ve had to limit myself to just two pairs of Icebreaker Run Lite Micro socks, even if they’re made from sustainable, trackable wool. Those well-made socks will last me years, but some of my older, less-green running socks had run their last mile — which is how I came to be the proud owner of Bicycle Footie Socks!

These stretchy socks are made of 79 percent organic cotton, 16.8 percent nylon, 2.5 percent polyester, 1.7 percent spandex. With a little extra cushion in the bottom and heel, the socks are plush without being too bulky. And at $5.50 a pair at Faeries Dance (also available at Maggies’ Organics website for $6), the price is right.

Maggie's Organics bicycle footie socks

I still like my Icebreaker socks better; those are just higher quality socks specifically made for running with a perfect fit unique to each foot — and a price to match. Still, I’m quite happy with the Bicycle Footie Socks. If I had my way, the sock would sit a little lower on the ankle — but otherwise they’re great socks both for running and for wearing around the apartment.

Plus, I miss my Townie, so the bicycle design makes me smile. But Maggie’s Organics also offers a design-free option for plainer folk — as well as other patterns and colors. What socks are you wearing?

Organic socks for runners and cyclists
Maggie's Organics makes organic cotton footie socks with a bicycle pattern -- which MNN's lifestyle blogger recommends for runners on a budget.