Love Hard Tail’s yoga pants with the extra long fold-over waist band — but wish the pants were organic? Click your yogi fingers over to Hyde where you can get the Kelly Pant for a similar price and in similar style — but with organic cotton.

Hyde’s an organic yoga clothing company, and the Kelly Pant’s one of its latest styles. Designed with Kelly Morris, Jivamukti senior teacher and founder of Conquering Lion Yoga, these pants have a comfy, stretchy feel, a tagless design for an irritation-free practice, and a waist band long enough to roll down to the top of your legs.

On the green side, the Kelly Pant’s made with 92 percent organic cotton and 8 percent spandex. Plus, 10% of the proceeds from the pants go to a nonprofit called Bent on Learning, which provides yoga and meditation instruction to New York City public school students.

I wore the pants to yoga class last night -and loved the comfy fit, though I generally opt for shorter roll over waistbands. According to Hyde, the long waistband supposedly makes your legs longer. I’m not convinced of this — horizontal lines in general make things look shorter, not taller — but do think the band’s a quick and convenient way of hiding panty lines!

One thing to keep in mind if you’re going for yoga style is that foldover waistbands don’t pair well with long tops that go past the waistband. Why not? The shirt goes over two thick layers of yoga pant fabric, adding a third layer of fabric while hiding the fact that your pants are adding bulk to your hips! Unless you want to add an extra inch to your hip circumference, this is not advised — though in my zeal to wear all the new Hyde clothes I got for review together, I broke that rule yesterday.

Thus, you’re only getting a photo of the top half of me, wearing Hyde’s OTM Halter. OTM stands for Off the Mat, Into the World, a nonprofit that uses yoga to inspire sustainable activism — to which 10 percent of what you spend on this tank goes.

The halter top has a built-in shelf bra, an extra long length that’ll hide pantylines or your butt if your tail is not as hard as you’d like it to be, and ties at the back of the neck. I recommend tying it a bit askew to make plow pose more comfortable. Considering its halter top tie style, I was concerned that the top would lack support and shift during practice — but it was surprisingly comfortable!

In the future I’ll wear the OTM Halter and Kelly Pant separately — and check out some of Hyde’s other organic styles. I know a lot of women like the cover-up type styles, and both of these new Hyde items perform that function quite well — but I’m of the opinion that clothes intended to cover up “flaws” generally end up making those areas look even bigger and more noticeable. Luckily, Hyde has lots of other styles to pick from — and all eco-friendly too.

Organic yoga fashion that gives back
Hyde offers eco-fashionable yoga wear - that will keep your yoga practice green while supporting yoga-inspired nonprofits.