In a sea of stunning fashions and big names on the Oscars' red carpet, Livia Firth managed to stand out in an absolutely gorgeous "upcycled" Gary Harvey gown.

The 41-year-old wife of Best Actor winner Colin Firth has been wearing a different sustainable and ethical gown to each red carpet event during awards season as part of her second annual Green Carpet Challenge.

The rules, while appearing simple, are not easy to achieve in a world just starting to embrace the green side of design. Livia had to consider “labour rights, repurposing, up-cycling, low waste, low carbon, low impact (all the ‘lows’), sustainable fibres, alternative fibres and some organic fibres” — without sticking out like “a sustainable sore thumb.”

Some examples of her choices for this year's events included a hand-dyed indigo “peace silk” gown by Jeff Garner of Prophetik for the Golden Globes. A Nina Skarra piece made with "ecological raw materials and nontoxic color processing" for the BAFTAs. Plus, she had a moth-spoiled old suit of Colin's repurposed into a gorgeous dress for the Paris premiere of "The King's Speech."

Truly though, Firth saved the best for last, calling on designer Gary Harvey to design a dress in the period style of "The King's Speech." Even more impressive, however, is that the entire creation is made from 11 different gowns from the 1930s.

“All the pieces we are using are from the era of 'The King’s Speech.' Gary is all about authenticity, so wanted to be sure we get the right fabrics and the right vibe," she wrote earlier last week on her UK Vogue blog. "Every element — including zips, corsetry and the original toiles — is recycled. The only thing that we’ve used that is new is the thread that actually stitches the dress together.”

Has the Oscars ever seen a more "green" dress?

In addition, Livia also wore the certified fair trade gold from jewelry designer Anna Loucha.

Check out a full photo of the Gary Harvey gown below! 

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Oscars 2011: Livia Firth shines in upcycled dress
Wife of Best Actor winner Colin Firth looks stunning in gown created from 11 recycled dresses!