My girl friends and I complain about how jeans always seem to be too big at the waist and too small at the hips and thighs, while my guy friends — tend not to talk about the fit of their jeans in great detail. Still, men do have fashion opinions and fit preferences!

And eco-friendly outdoorsy company Patagonia’s got you covered. If you’re a guy who’s ever privately or publicly complained about how jeans often seem too tight at the waist, Patagonia’s Men’s Denim Workender Pants are for you.

These organic cotton jeans — available in a dark wash in both regular and short lengths — come recommended by Barent Roth, who heads up an environmental nonprofit in Santa Monica, Calif. called Sustainable Works. Barent says these Workender Pants are his favorite pair of jeans. At $110 a pair, the jeans aren’t cheap — but may very well be worth it, since Patagonia’s “Ironclad Guarantee” promises a refund, replacement, or repair for any of their products. “Their guarantee is awesome,” Barent says. “I’ve gotten one pair of pants replaced twice.”

The customer reviews for the Workender Pants agree that the jeans are soft, comfy, and roomier in the waist and hips — though that roomy bit’s a pro for some and a con for others, depending on their body type. For my part, I find it a bit odd that a rather skinny man with little to no derriere was chosen to model this generously roomy pair of pants….

Patagonia's comfy men's organic jeans
Patagonia’s Men’s Denim Workender Pants are soft and comfy with a little extra room at the waist.