Patchouli isn’t the only eco-perfume option for environmentalists. The latest scents to check out: Honore des Pres perfumes.

While many perfumes contain phthalates and other scary chemicals that are simply labeled “fragrance” on the ingredient lists, Honore des Pres perfumes contain no phthalates or synthetic perfumes. All the botanical ingredients in the perfume are certified organic; the perfume itself carries the European Ecocert label.

Do they smell good? Yes. My favorite is Sexy Angelic, which combines the scents of almond, hemlock flowers, angelica seeds and calissons into a sweet, musky perfume.

I do, however, strongly recommend trying out the perfume before committing to a 100 ml bottle of the stuff — especially since said bottle costs $145, and samples cost just $3. Some of the perfumes might not work for you. I found, for example, that putting on the Honore’s Trip scent made me smell almost exactly like I’d just peeled a juicy orange. The scent didn’t last long on me either — though perhaps others with a different body chemistry will smell different results.

Other Honore des Pres scents include the summery Bonte’s Bloom, Chaman’s Party, and the cool Nu Green. Find Honore des Pres online at Lucky Scent.

Photo: Courtesy Lucky Scent

Perfume sans patchouli
Honore des Pres makes phthalate-free perfumes that won't make you smell like a hippie -- not that there's anything wrong with hippies.