Perfume’s often a conundrum for green minded girls who aren’t into pachouli. After all, many major perfumes contain phthalates and other scary, undisclosed ingredients — all grouped under the all-encompassing ingredient “fragrance.”

Strange Invisible Perfumes in Venice

But eco-thinking perfumers are providing an alternative for the anti-phthalate crowd. In Venice, Calif., Strange Invisible Perfumes‘ Alexandra Balahoutis makes boutique perfumes out of the greenest ingredients available — no synthetic chemicals allowed. Using 100% organic grape alcohol as the base for perfumes, Strange Invisible Perfumes sources fair trade and organic oils to create its unique fragrances — which ensures that 85 – 100% of its products are certified organic.

Walk into the Venice boutique, and Strange Invisible Perfumes’ eco-mission’s clearly evident — The yummy scents that immediately hit your nose simply don’t have that synthetic, sneeze-inducing quality. Plus, all the other lines carried in the store share Strange Invisible Perfumes’ green ethics. Here’s where you can pick up both organic certified hair and body care products — plus fair trade, organic certified chocolate — from Intelligent Nutrients and other uber-eco companies.

Fire and Cream party at Strange Invisible Perfumes in Venice

On Wednesday night, Strange Invisible Perfumes threw a party with EcoStiletto to celebrate the launch of its latest perfume: Fire and Cream. Eco-fashionistas stopped by the boutique to enjoy 360 Vodka cocktails and organic nibbles by The Brunette Gourmette while trying on the new perfume — a blend of “hydro-distilled orange, orange blossom, tuberose, frankincense, white lavender, vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli.” The autumnal scent’s a much darker than what I usually wear — but could be perfect for those who prefer a a more intense, musky perfume.

at Strange Invisible Perfumes in Venice

Stop by Strange Invisible Perfumes to try on Fire and Cream ($195 for 1/4 fl. oz. parfum or $145 for 1.7 fl. oz. of Eau de Parfum) and other eco-perfumes.

Perfumes for the eco-sensual
Strange Invisible Perfumes creates delicious, synthetics-free perfumes from organic essential oils and natural ingredients.