What most see as grungy shoes, one artist sees a challenging canvas and is offering an eco-design service to pimp your sneaks. Johnny Marra — the artist behind Green Eyed Monster bag company’s whimsical drawings — is teaming up with the company to turn pre-loved, plain jane shoes into one-of-a-kind footwear.

If you’ve ever wanted custom-designed shoes, here’s your chance to get them — without buying more stuff. Send in the old kicks you have to Johnny, and the two of you will start discussing design vision for make what’s old new and daring. About a month later, you’ll get a colorful, re-designed pair of sneakers back.

upcycled fringe leather handbagMake sure your shoes are still wearable, since Johnny won’t fix up your shoes structurally — only enliven them design-wise. The artsy service, which includes a free Green Eyed Monster tote — costs $200 for adult shoes, $80 for kids — with 1 percent of the price going to Los Angeles’ TreePeople, since Green Eyed Monster’s a member of 1% For the Planet.

Not the kind of person who wears colorful cartoons on your feet? Green Eyed Monster’s also debuting handmade upcycled handbags made from vintage leather — only made once you put in an order. The stylish fringe bags are the creation of Swedish fashion designer Maja Helden and cost $300 to $350 a bag.

Of course, the much more affordable totes -- made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled fabric and is a blend of recycled cotton and recycled PET -- are always also available at Green Eyed Monster. All of those are printed with limited editions of unique art too.

Pimp your shoes
Send in your grungy shoes for a design upcycle -- and get back an artsy, whimsical, colorful pair of kicks to wear proudly.