3855940945 afc1a4e61f m Soi Meme: An Eco luxe day for eco nomical recession brides“My fiancé and I couldn’t wait to get married. Then I got laid off, and we couldn’t afford it, either.” That’s the teaser for Melissa Dalton’s Salon article, “Here comes the recession bride” — which sounds like it’ll be a sad story of wedding plans ruined thanks to the recession.

But Melissa’s story actually ends up sounding like a more-fun-than-most event that got all the friends and family involved, DIY-style. Homemade beer, home-baked berry pies, hand-sewn fabric invites, a bike parade “complete with bicycle rickshaws for anyone like me who didn’t want to ride in their fancy duds” — all for $8,000! Her story really makes you wants to make you have a party yourself, minus the wedding bit!

But for those of you who’ve decided to go down that aisle: Block out your Saturday for eco bridal salon Soi-Meme. Put together by Pink Cloud Events, Soi-Meme promises to be a one-stop event for “the modern couple searching for affordable, do-it-yourself solutions to planning a wedding with unique style.”

There’ll be organic drinks and eats to fuel you while you check out everything from sustainable wedding rings to organic caterers. There’ll be workshops ranging from planning your wedding online to upcycling wedding outfits. There’ll be experts available for one-on-one sessions to give you personal guidance. There’ll be DJs, giveaways, and a resource guide. And there’ll be other would-be-wedded who’ll actually still listen when you launch into your whole fascinating wedding planning saga, yet again.

It all happens Sat., Aug. 29 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the James Irvine Garden, Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, 244 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles. Tickets cost $25 each — Buy them online for a chance to win a free 4 night stay at a private eco-villa resort in Tulum, Mexico by Azulik!

Image courtesy of Pink Cloud Events

Plan an eco-nomical wedding
Eco-weddings can be cheap -- with creativity and DIY tricks! An L.A. event hopes to help green brides stay within budget.