Have an idea for an eco-friendly product you need — but don’t have the crafting skills to create the thing yourself? Try submitting the idea to Ponoko.

ponoko by you.

Self-described as “the world’s easiest making system,” Ponoko invites anyone to submit a design idea — then lets designers bid to turn that idea into reality. The submitter then chooses a designer, the idea gets made and sold.

Ponoko seems like an interesting site to turn something you think could be useful into something that is. I have 6 envelopes of a very odd size, for example — so maybe I can get a designer to create pretty cards that fit that size, thereby making good use of the envelopes.

Much like a less girly version of Etsy, Ponoko also offers an online store of readymade and made-on-demand designs — like this make-your-own toy bus kit.

Ponoko also promotes DIY, if you fancy yourself a crafter. One dude came up with a design for turning an iPod into a scanner of sorts (via The Far Edge). You can buy the iPhone Document Scanner, made of eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, for $19 — or download a free EPS file and make it yourself.

Images courtesy of Ponoko

Ponoko: Outsource your upcycling project
Ponoko lets you hire a designer to turn your eco-friendly product idea into reality.