Everyone knows Goodwill stores can help reduce, reuse, and recycle consumer goods, but few take advantage of the shops as much as I do. Many people see Goodwill as a means to get rid of stuff they no longer want without feeling guilty. I go to Goodwill for that purpose too — but also go there to shop.

Goodwill in Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Goodwill near me has really helped me make my kitchen more functional. There, I’ve gotten airtight jars for flours and coffee, baking dishes to make casseroles, and wine glasses.

stuff I've bought at Goodwill in Santa Monica

I’ve bought sweaters on the cheap to take apart and upcycle into a camera case and other toys and accessories. I’ve bought sweatpants to run in. And I’ve even gotten shoes! The Steve Maddens above cost me just $5.99 — and I still get compliments on them.

Of course, shopping at Goodwill can be really time-intensive. There’s a lot of digging involved. But the gems are there. Yes, the shoe rack’s always a mess, but last week I spotted a pair of cute Charles David heels! (below) They’re very well worn, but at $5.99, worth their money –

Shoe at Goodwill in Santa Monica

Do you try to shop used before buying new? What have you bought pre-loved at your local Goodwill?

Pre-loved shopping at Goodwill
Don't just donate! Shop at Goodwill to find pre-loved kitchen tools, cute shoes, and craft supplies on the cheap.