If you're shopping secondhand because the economic downturn has left you poorer, you can put your penny-pinching ways toward fighting global poverty -- at least if you live in the U.K.

Not only does Oxfam UK have shops all over the U.K., the nonprofit also has a huge online secondhand store selling everything from poetry books to gorgeous jewelry to current fashions at a great discount! (via ecosalon) Above are some of the pre-loved -- and thus eco-friendly -- dresses that can be yours.

The secondhand goods are donated by Oxfam supporters -- so if you live in the UK, drop by an Oxfam store to donate what you no longer need, and maybe shop for something you do.

Unfortunately, Oxfam US doesn't have a secondhand shop, and Oxfam UK doesn't ship its secondhand goodies to the U.S. Still, charities like Goodwill are happy to take your donations and put them toward a good cause, and secondhand shopping, whether at consignment stores or thrift stores, has a much smaller footprint -- and price tag! -- than buying new.

(MNN homepage photo: vladm/iStockphoto)

Pre-loved shopping fights poverty
Oxfam UK's secondhand store offers gorgeous fashions for a steal -- then puts your money towards fighting poverty.