I’m now going to have to be more specific when I refer to pre-loved clothing, because thanks to a green-thinking Canadian company, Preloved is now also a proper noun. Preloved makes one-of-a-kind fashions by upcycling vintage fabrics into new unique styles (via Magnifeco).

Preloved fashion collection

The Aloha shirt (left, $80.10 USD) is made from vintage white or blue shirts, the Donna skirt (middle, $53.10) from brightly-striped T-shirts, and the Kiki dress (right, $134.10) from vintage curtains and wool trousers — for those who’d like to drape themselves in drapes!

Preloved has its own stores in Toronto, Montreal and Sydney — as well as an online boutique — but can also be found at Anthropologie and boutiques across the U.S.

Photos courtesy of Preloved

Preloved: Upcycled fashion basics
Canada's Preloved creates upcycled fashions by reshaping everything from striped T-shirts to vintage curtains.