Think before you snatch up a 3-pack of cheap underwear at Target — or even a satiny expensive pair at Nordstrom’s. You could be paying into a lot of stuff you don’t want any part of, from genetically-modified and pesticide-sprayed crops to unfair abusive labor practices.

That’s the message behind "More than pretty knickers," a short film and website that tries to draw attention to the environmental and labor problems created by conventional panties (via Treehugger). Put together by Jenny and Verity White, a pair of eco-motivated sisters, "More than pretty knickers" presents the problem — and proposes a solution. After all, there are pretty panties made of organic and fair trade cotton, hemp silk and bamboo on the market!

Some of these eco-lingerie options are sold at Eco-Boudoir, Jenny’s online boutique of environmentally and ethically conscious underwear. With the tagline “Luxury with a conscience,” Eco-Boudoir’s inventory’s on the expensive side. But money-strapped environmentalist need not give up! Gaiam’s selling a 3-pack of organic cotton hip hugger panties for just $9.99 right now.

Thumbnail image: Courtesy Eco-Boudoir

Pretty panties sans pesticides
A sexy short film shows why eco-ethical panties are worth wearing.