Proms tend to be wasteful, un-eco events, but if all teens picked up a pre-loved dress or tux and arrived in a hybrid or biodiesel limo, the event could be greened up a tad. That’s the idea behind Project Green Prom, which wants to help teens make their big night out a little more eco-friendly this year.

Put together by Whole Foods Market and Teens Turning Green, Project Green Prom is a video contest that lets teens share prom greening tips with other teens. High school juniors and seniors are invited to put together a three-minute video answering this question: How would you ‘green’ your prom?

Get a video in to Project Green Prom by March 30 for a chance at the grand prize, a full green prom makeover. Runners-up also get prizes ranging from fashionable eco-prom dresses to eco-beauty products.

Will teens really be able to turn proms into zero-waste events — without turning into prom grinches who do away with decorations and dresses altogether? Watch the videos as they get uploaded at Project Green Prom to find out.

The contest also plans to put together a Project Green Prom Toolkit by April 1 to help prom planners. And if any teens in New York City are reading this, pencil in the Project Green Prom New York Launch Event — featuring a fashion showcase of an eco-prom dress collection — happening at Whole Foods Market Tribeca on Monday, April 6, at 3 p.m.

Image: Courtesy Project Green Prom

Project Green Prom seeks eco-teen videos
Will teens really be able to turn proms into zero-waste events, without turning into prom grinches?