Aromatherapy fans now have a new green option for perfume: Golden Earth. Created by aromatherapist Elizabeth Golden, Golden Earth’s perfumes are all made of 100% pure therapeutic grade organic and wild crafted essential oils.


You can pick on one of six scents, depending on your mood. My favorite is Fresh, which has a luscious, grassy, citrus scent. I also liked the calming mix of sandalwood and cedarwood in Tranquility, and the intense floral perfume of Love, which combines rose, jasmin, and lavender essential oils.


Golden Earth’s perfumes are made purely of essential oils — and don’t contain any solvents (say, like organic alcohol) that dilute the oils. That means the perfumes are available only in roll-on applicators, as the scents aren’t liquid enough to be sold as sprays. This is good news for those who are trying to avoid getting any alcohol on their skin — but not for those who’d prefer spray perfumes.


I’m in the latter group — Rolling on oils obviously makes my skin very greasy — at least until the oils are fully absorbed — and I had to be careful not to get the oils on my clothes. I also found it hard to roll on enough of the oily perfume to let anyone but myself smell the scents without getting really up close and personal.


Still, for those who wear perfumes just for their own scentual benefit — and want a pure essential oil blend — Golden Earth’s perfumes is a greener line to explore. Using these scents, the company also offers foamy bath gels and body creams — slightly foamy concoctions better described as light lotions. Those were a bit too light for me — my skin needs more moisturizing creams — but may work for those with oilier skin. All ingredients score in the “low risk” range on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database.


Golden Earth’s packaging currently reads “organic aromatherapy hand cream” and “organic aromatherapy bath gel,” but those labels will likely soon be revamped. While Golden Earth’s products are made with mostly organic ingredients, only some of the perfumes — and none of the lotions and bath gels — meet Whole Food’s soon-to-be-enforced standards to be labeled an organic product. Elizabeth says she supports Whole Foods’ move towards more transparency, and adds her products will meet Whole Food’s standard to be labeled as “made with organic ingredients.”


Golden Earth’s perfumes are available in 1/8-ounce roll-on applicators for $20 each. Buy them on Golden Earth’s web store, or find them at the Whole Foods in Tustin.


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Pure aromatherapy perfumes
Aroma therapy takes on a whole new meaning with Golden Earth's natural, uplifting scents using pure therapeutic grade organic and wild crafted essential oils.