Recycle your old, inefficient Christmas lights — and get rewarded with a discount on new, efficient LED lights! E-light retailer offers a free Christmas light recycling program anyone can take advantage of.

Simply pack your lights and mail them, along with a note with your name and email address, to, Attn: Recycling Program, 118 Rosehill Dr., Suite 1, Jackson, MI 49202. There, your old lights will go through a multi-step recycling process:
The lights will be processed and any material that cannot be recycled (i.e. loose bulbs)is discarded. Once we have collected a substantial number of sets we take them to a 3rd party recycling facility located in Jackson, MI. The recycling company puts the lights through a commercial shredder, which chops the lights up into little pieces. The pieces are then further processed and sorted into the various components that make up the lights (pvc, glass, copper.) The materials are separated and transported to a region center for further processing. In some cases, the pvc cannot be recycled.
In exchange for your good, green holiday spirit, will email you a coupon for 15% off items in their store, so you can pick out some pretty LED lights for Christmas ‘09.

Already have LED lights and don’t want to mail off yet another package this holiday season? Find your local e-waste center and drop off your old lights for recycling there.

Recycle old holiday lights free will recycle your old holiday lights for free -- and give you a coupon for efficient LED lights.