Ladies — and gentlemen who like to dress up as ladies — go clean out your bra drawer. Make a pile of all the bras bought online that never quite fit right or nursing bras you never plan to use again, because you can recycle them for a good cause!

That’s right — A bra recycling option called The Bosom Buddy Program is happy to take your old bras off your hands (via Organic Authority). Started up by a textile recycling company in Arizona, The Bosom Buddy Program gives donated bras to women who need them, whether through shelters or other programs that help women gain self-sufficiency.

Got a bra or few in good, functional condition to donate? Wash them, fill out a donation form (PDF), package up the bras with the form, then either drop them off at a location near you or mail them to The Bra Recyclers, Attn: Elaine Birks-Mitchell, 23844 S. Power Rd, Ste 102-433, Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

Wondering why bra owners wouldn’t just wear their bras themselves until they’re no longer functional? In addition to the fact that many bras, like post breast surgery and maternity bras, are meant for temporary use, many women actually don’t discover their correct bra size until they’ve amassed a collection of ill-fitting bras.

Think you may be wearing the wrong size? Follow these instructions to figure out what your correct size is — and if it’s different from what you’ve been wearing, make sure you send in your pre-loved bras to The Bosom Buddy Program so they can find a new home with a woman who fills their cups.

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Recycle your bra
If the bra doesn't fit, recycle it! The Bosom Buddy Program will donate your pre-loved bra to a woman in need.