Want recycled, long-reusable, and recyclable flip flops for the summer? Try a pair of Okabashi flip flops.

Forget those cheapo flimsy flip flops that fall apart after a long day at the beach. Okabashi flip flops are made to last — and even come with a two-year guarantee. I got a pair of the Ocean design for review, and liked the sturdy, comfortable feel. The thick soles and nubbly massage pad in the arch area make for a comfortable, sturdy fit — rare in a pair of flip flops!

Of course, all flip flops do eventually wear out. As you know from my post yesterday, Old Navy is collecting flip flops for recycling for a month starting on Earth Day. But Okabashi flip flops will still be good to recycle long after that Old Navy event is over. Simply send them back to the Okabashi factory in Buford, Ga., where they’ll be crushed up to be remade into new products — like more flip flops! In fact, most Okabashi flop flops are made of up to 25 percent recycled materials.

The one downside of the Okabashi Ocean flip flops: They tend to be a tad on the narrow side. My feet tend to be on the wide side — which means the edges of my feet feel uncomfortable, since they hit right against the edges of the flip flops. For the same width reasons, the straps — otherwise flexible, wide, and comfortable — are a bit tight around my feet, too.

On the other hand, the length of the size small flip flop is a perfect fit for my 6.5-size feet. And I do love the strong grip of the flip flops — no fear of slipping and falling on slick floors with these shoes. Those with narrower feet than mine will likely find them perfect, as evidenced by the glowing customer reviews left on Okabashi’s website.

All Okabashi shoes are designed and manufactured in Georgia. Each pair costs $9.99 to $14.99 on Okabashi’s website, but right now, you can get 10 percent off all flip flop purchases.

Recycled, recyclable flip flops
Okabashi flip flops are made in Georgia — and can be sent back to Georgia to be recycled into new flip flops and other products.